The Kitchen Futian

"lunch is served!"

The Kitchen Futian

Lunch Menu

Available from 11:00 AM -2:00 PM daily


Eggs 85¥



3 Eggs any style with bacon or ham roasted potatoes grilled tomato and toast


Ham and Cheese Omelette with roasted potatoes green salad and toast


Potato Chorizo Chicken Hash with 2 fried eggs & grilled baguette


Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Sour cream cheese salsa and flour tortillas


Eggs Benedict 2 poached eggs on English muffins with ham and hollandaise sauce served with green salad and roasted potatoes


Sandwiches 85¥

     Served with green salad or fries


Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

with bacon tomato and Camembert cheese rolled in a flour tortilla


Steak Sandwich “Philly Style” with grilled onions peppers and melted cheese


Fried Chicken Sandwich shredded lettuce Ranch Sauce & dill pickle


Spicy Grilled Chicken with Romesco mayo lettuce & pickled jalapeno


Meatball Sandwich baked with mozzarella and marinara


“Filet ‘oh’ Fish” Sandwich beer battered white fish filet on a toasted bun with tartar sauce and shredded lettuce

The Kitchen Futian Lunch





*太阳煎蛋或炒蛋或水波蛋 配烤培根或火腿,烤土豆、烤番茄和吐司

*芝士火腿庵列蛋 配烤土豆、沙拉和吐司

*太阳煎蛋盖西班牙香肠鸡肉炒土豆 配烤法棍


*班尼迪蛋 配英式松饼、火腿、荷兰汁、沙拉和烤土豆



三明 配沙拉或薯条…………85


*撒沙拉肉卷 配脆培根、番茄和卡门贝尔芝士

*城牛肉三明治 费城烤牛肉、炒洋葱和芝士

*三明治 炸鸡肉配生菜、酸黄瓜和农场白汁

*烤辣三明治 香辣烤鸡肉配番茄沙拉酱和墨西哥酸辣椒

*意式烤肉丸子三明治 秘制烤肉丸子配马苏里拉芝士和番茄汁

*三明治 烤面包夹香脆啤酒浆炸鱼配生菜丝和塔塔汁


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